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PT Basis Pancakarya is a leading Indonesian rubber company that established in 1996. In the first two years since its foundation, we focused on production in the footwear industry, namely shoes and sandal soles and Rubber Colour Masterbatch by using Natural Rubber, IR, BR and SBR rubber as main raw materials.

After that in 1998, PT Triguna Jaya Sentosa joined as our distributor. At this time we are also expanding into various products for other industries, namely electronics, vehicle accessories, textiles, mining, agriculture, marine etc, by using more diverse types of rubber such as EPDM, NBR, IIR, CR and silicon. Several years later, almost all types of rubber have been used for our products including Fluorocarbon rubber (FKM) with trademarks: Viton, Dyneon, Tecnoflon and Dai-el.

More than 50% of our finished rubber products are Custom Rubber Parts, which are manufactured according to buyer's specifications. One of the biggest items we have ever produced is bulldozer tires with a width of 40 cm and a radius of 3.6 m and Rubber Pads with a size of 20 cm x 20 cm x 4 m.

In general we are capable to manufacture rubber products as following:
  • Rubber type: almost all types.( look at rubber compound)
  • Color: All kind of colors, including transparent and fluorescents.( Look at color masterbatch )
  • Size : any size  |  Hardness: (IRHD):  20... 99   |   Service Temperature: - 60... + 250 °C
  • Bonding with metal, steel cord, rayon, fiber glass, polyester, nylon, plastic and leather.
  • Resistance to: weather, water, sea water, steam, solvents, acid, ozone, LPG, grease, oils, fuels etc.
  • Good abrasion resistance, high tear strength and low compression set
  • Good permeability to gases and vapors. | Resistance to explosive decompression. | Antistatic, anti bacteria, anti fungi.  |  Non-marking and non-blooming.

Our vision is to help everybody find thier rubber needs by producing high quality goods with affordable prices. If you always have difficulty in meeting your rubber needs, especially, have to import them, either because the rubber industry as a local supplier is not found or because you are worried about the quality of the goods produced, with us this does not need to happen again. We manufacture not only using premium quality raw materials, but also supported by good rubber processing machines, complete laboratory equipments and qualified workers who are experts and experienced in their fields. Product quality and customer satisfaction are always maintained and continuously improved by applying the latest and best innovations in the world of rubber.

Do not hesitate !  Whatever your rubber needs, this is the source of the solution, contact us !

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