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Interlocking Drainage Rubber Mat

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Slips and trips have injured millions of peoples around the world !  To prevent this from happening to you, your family or business, Basisrubber provides high-quality interlocking rubber mats, that made of 100% pure virgin rubber. This rubber mat have no bad smell and is suitable very good for dry or wet closed / opened areas. The fierce odor of low-quality cheap rubber mat products can cause nausea and dizziness for people around him, especially for closed areas such as in the kitchen, in a car or in an air-conditioned room.
With the interlocking system, the total length and width of this rubber mat can be expanded/adjusted to your needs such as to cover irregular, uneven and a very large area, .

To avoid tripping, we provide "beveled-edge-rubber-part" rubber with gently rising sloping and a variety of striking colors to increase the vigilance of people who move around it.

We recommend the use of interlocking rubber mat for areas that are often splashed  by water, oil and grease, such as around:
  • Bathroom, sauna / spa room and swimming pool
  • Wet kitchen and pantry
  • Bar, Frezer room in the restaurant / super market
  • Terrace of house / building
  • Garage, vehicle repair shop and engine repair shop
  • Place mixing and weighing processes in factories
  • Animal cages and fish ponds

Basisrubber provides :
NR / SBR: for general use (See Technical Data Sheet of NR / SBR Rubber Mat)
NR / SBR rubber mat suitable for use in bathrooms, changing rooms, swimming pools, bars, in cars, terraces, kitchens etc.
NBR: for grease and oil resistancel (See Technical Data Sheet of NBR Rubber Mat).
Rubber mats from NBR is suitable for use in restaurants whose floors are scattered by oil during cooking activities or in areas that are often scattered by grease and oil such as in workshop
EPDM: for heat and extreme weather resistance (See Technical Data Sheet for EPDM Rubber Mat).
Mats made from EPDM rubber are very suitable for swimming pools that are exposed to sunlight throughout the day such as in coastal areas or in areas with high ozone content such as in pump houses.
CR: for weather resistance, grease, oil resistance and "fireproof" (See Technical Data Sheet for CR Rubber Mat)
CR rubber mats are suitable for swimming pools that are exposed to sunlight throughout the day such as in coastal areas or in areas with high ozone content and also suitable for kitchens and areas that are sometimes splashed by sparks because this rubber has a good "flame retardancy / fireproof".

For other types of rubber, such as HNBR, Butyl, CSM or Viton or with special specifications for example: anti static, high voltage electrical insulators or "food grade" please contact us.

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